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Fisheries and Uttar Pradesh

Updated : 18th Jul 2023
Fisheries and Uttar Pradesh

Fisheries and Uttar Pradesh

  • About 200 species of fish are found in the Ganga river system in the state. That's why many schemes are being run by the central and state government to make fisheries employment-oriented (especially in rural areas).
  • Under this, efforts are being made to convert fisheries into a modern industry by exploiting water resources according to their fisheries potential, doubling the income of fishermen and fish farmers, ensuring food and nutritional security of the state, development of fish marketing and post-harvest infrastructure, and development of rivers. In this, the target of conservation of fisheries wealth has been set.

Fisheries in the State:

  • Uttar Pradesh Fisheries Department was established in the year 1966. The basic objective of this department is to increase fish production and employment in the state. After that Uttar Pradesh Fisheries Development Corporation was established for the development of the fisheries sector.
  • Three-tier infrastructure has been established for the development of fisheries in the state in the sixth and seventh five-year plans. In this infrastructure, at the state level,'Matsya Jeevan Cooperative Union Limited' at the district level District Cooperative Fisheries Development and Marketing Federation' and at the panchayat level 'Primary Fisheries Life Cooperative Society' are included.
  • To facilitate mass production of fish seed, Fisheries Development Corporation has constructed 9 large and 48 medium and small hatcheries in the state. Even in the private sector there are 214 hatcheries.
  • The Fisherman Accident Insurance Scheme was started in the year 1985-86. Under this scheme, fishermen would be given Rs one lakh in case of death and Rs 750,000 in case of permanent disability.
  • On June 10, 2015, the state government accorded the status of agriculture to fisheries. The Government of India started the National Fishermen Welfare Fund program for the housing facility of fishermen. It is funded by the Central and State Governments on a 50:50 sharing basis.

Vision and Perspective Plan for the Development of Fisheries Sector 2013

  • To increase fish production and productivity in the state Vision and Perspective Plan for the Development of Fisheries Sector 2013 Resolved to implement the ten-year programs, under which Fishing has been given the status of agriculture.While doing so its provisions are being implemented.
  • A total of 5.34 lakh hectare water area is available in the large and medium-sized reservoirs, natural lakes and ponds of rural areas available in the state.
  • The details related to the availability of these water resources and the water area brought under fisheries are as follows:

Fisheries and Uttar Pradesh