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Updated : 20th May 2023


  1. History, Civilization, Culture and Ancient Cities of UP.
  2. Architecture, their significance and maintainability, museum, archive and archaeology of UP.
  3. Contributions of UP in Pre and post-1857 freedom struggles of India.
  4. Eminent freedom fighters and personalities of UP.
  5. Rural, Urban and Tribal issues: social structure, festivals, fairs, music, folk dances, literature and languages/dialects, social customs of UP.
  6. Political System of UP: Governance, Governor, Chief Minister, Council of Ministers, State Assembly and State Council, Center-State Relation.
  7. Public Service, Public Service Commission, Auditing, Advocate General, High Court and its jurisdiction in UP.
  8. Special State Selection Criteria, Official Language, Consolidated Fund and Contingency fund, Political Parties and State Election Commission of UP.
  9. Local Self Government: Urban and Panchayati Raj, Public Policy, Right related issues in U P.
  10. Good Governance, Eradication of Corruption, Lokayukta, Citizen Charters, E- Governance, Right to Information, Redressal Policy.
  11. Land Reforms and its impact in UP.
  12. Issues Related to Security in UP:
    (i) Linkage between development and spread of extremism.
    (ii) Role of External, State and Interstate actors in creating challenges to internal security through communication networks, media and social networking sites.
    (iii) Basic rules of cyber security, money- laundering and its prevention.
    (iv) Various security forces and agencies and their mandate.
    (v) Security challenges and their management in border areas, linkage of organized crimes with terrorism.
  13. Law and Order and Civil Defense in UP.
  14. Medical and Health issues in UP
  15. State Education System of UP.
  16. Contribution of U P in the development of India.
  17. Current Affairs of UP.
  18. Implementation of Jal Shakti Mission and other central welfare schemes in UP.
  19. NGOs in UP: Issues, Contribution and Impact
  20. Tourism in U P: Issues and prospects.
  21. Emphasis on Innovation in various fields in UP: Issues and it's impact on employment and socio-economic development of the society.