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Updated : 16th Apr 2022

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Dear Aspirants,

PCS Simplified welcomes you to SHIKHAR PRELIMS UPPSC 2022, a FREE initiative. SHIKHAR PRELIMS will start from 25th April and will continue till 28th May.
With the 30 days plan, we will cover static as well as current affairs for the UPPSC Prelims 2022. As you all know in recent years the UPPSC Prelims becomes more dynamic and dicey. With the help of this initiative, you can boost your preparation and increase your chances in Prelims 2022.

A new quiz portal is developed by us specifically for the SHIKHAR Prelims. You can attempt questions here and can see your score. Question papers and Detailed Solutions both in Hindi and English can be downloaded from the Student portal. You have to register yourself and then login into the portal.

उत्तिष्ठत जाग्रत प्राप्य वरान्निबोधत।




Current Affairs coverage



First (25th – 30th April)

September + October

Second (2nd – 7th May)

November + December

Third (9th – 14th May)

January + February

Fourth (16th – 21st May)

March + April

Fifth (23rd – 28th May)

May + Revision of previous months


Daily Subject Breakup

Subject Name Day
Environment Monday
Polity Tuesday
Geography Wednesday
History Thursday
Science, and Technology Friday
Economics Saturday

Sunday – 15 Previous Year CSAT questions will be posted every Sunday.

First Week

Day 1 - 25th April

Environment – Environment and sustainable development, Ecology

Day 2 - 26th April

Polity – Historical underpinnings and salient features of the constitution, Preamble, Union and its territory, Citizenship

Day 3 - 27th April

Indian Geography - Introduction and Physical Division 

Day 4 - 28th April

Harappan Civilization, Vedic Civilization, Buddhism, and Mauryan Dynasty

Day 5 - 29th April

Physics + Chemistry

Day 6 - 30th April

Economy - National Income, Money and Banking + Economy current affairs 

Second Week 

Day 7 – 2nd May

Environment – Biodiversity, Greenhouse effect, and climate change

Day 8 - 3rd May

Polity - Fundamental rights, DPSP, Fundamental duties,

Day 9 - 4th May

Geography - States and Union territories of India, Drainage system, Tribes of India

Day 10 - 5th May

Post-Mauryan, Gupta, Pre-medieval, South India, 

Day 11 - 6th May

Physics + Chemistry 

Day 12 - 7th May

Economy - Budgeting, External sector + Economy current affairs 

Third Week

Day 13 – 9th May

Environment – Ozone Layer, Forest, and wildlife

Day 14 - 10th May

Polity - Central executives, Parliament, State executives, State legislature, Judiciary,

Day 15 - 11th May

Geography - Climate of India - Monsoon, Vegetation of India, Irrigation, Agriculture 

Day 16 - 12th May

Delhi Sultanate, Mughal Dynasty, Modern India 

Day 17 - 13th May


Day 18 - 14th May

Economy - Unemployment, Poverty, Inequality + Economy current affairs 

Fourth Week

Day 19 – 16th May

Environment – National park/ biosphere reserve, Non-conventional energy sources

Day 20 - 17th May

Polity - Panchayats and municipalities, Constitutional bodies,

Day 21 - 18th May

Geography - Mineral resources, Industry, Transport, Research centers of India

Day 22 - 19th May

Modern India and Freedom Movement

Day 23 - 20th May


Day 24 - 21st May

Economy - Planning,  Infrastructure - Physical and Human + Economy current affairs + Census (with special focus on U.P.)

Fifth Week

Day 25 – 23rd May

Environment – Pollution, water conservation

Day 26 - 24th May

Polity - Non-constitutional bodies, Center – state relations, Emergency provisions, Miscellaneous

Day 27 - 25th May

World Geography 

Day 28 - 26th May

Mixed History (Ancient and Modern Indian History)

Day 29 - 27th May


Day 30 - 28th May

Economy - Important government schemes (after independence) + Economy current affairs