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Updated : 29th Dec 2022

UPPSC PCS (Upper Subordinate exam) PRELIMS TEST SERIES 2022 (ENGLISH and हिंदी) - Starting From 20th November

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Detailed Schedule - ENGLISH, HINDI


Prelims is the first stage of the examination but it is also the stage where most aspirants get filtered out. What seems to be the manageable stage of the UPPSC exam, ruins the chances of most of the candidates. 

Simply put you cannot take Prelims exam lightly. You have to invest your time and energy to crack this tricky stage.

To clear this exam you have to test yourself on the yardsticks set up by the UPPSC. This test series will help you to test the same with our quality questions, explanation and detailed discussions. These questions are a notch above UPPSC.

PCS Simplified’s 20 Test Prelims Test Series will be your most trusted tool for cracking the prelims examination. We have a unique knack for decoding the expectations of UPPSC at a micro level. You can rest assured that you will be attempting questions higher than the standard of UPPSC. Our detailed Explanation will serve as high-quality ready reference for quick revision. Moreover, you will also get to know your standing amongst hundreds of sincere aspirants.

Features of Test Series

  • Test Series is available BOTH in ENGLISH and HINDI (हिंदी) in online mode.
  • 12 Subject Wise Sectional Tests – 2 - Polity, 2 - Geography, 1 - Modern History, 2 Ancient & Medieval History and Art & Culture, 1 Economics and Development, 1 Environment, 1 Physics and Chemistry, 1 Biology, and 1 UP special budget and Government schemes) – Total 12 Tests
    • 6 Full Length GS Mock Tests
    • 2 Exclusive Full Length CSAT Tests
  • Standard/Quality of the tests – The overall level of the test is kept a notch higher than UPPSC so that students can have an edge and can handle uncertainty much better than the rest.
  • CSAT tests – Keeping in mind the recent trend, GS II (CSAT) should not be taken lightly. We have analysed all the previous year’s GS II papers and carefully planned 2 Full mocks. These tests will help you to gain confidence and score better.
  • Detailed Explanation – of each test will be provided in both the mediums i.e. English and Hindi. PDFs of questions and detailed explanation can also be downloaded after attempting online tests. Explanation PDF will also help you in revision.
  • Dedicated Student Portal – Student will get all the services such as attempting test, Question and Explanation PDF, Post test analysis, Subject wise short revision documents, Test discussion etc. with student portal. Student can register and login through to access the student portal.
  • Mentoring and Personal Guidance – We are providing a dedicated phone no. for mentoring and guidance. Student can call on this number (9696249603) to schedule a mentoring. Our mentors will call you and will clear all your doubts.
  • Subject Wise revision Documents – Subject wise revision notes will be provided with special focus on the Prelims (Static part).
  • Ranking – The scores and ranks will be displayed after every test. You can clearly monitor your progress in a continuous manner and get to know where you stand.
  • Detailed Assessment of your performance – Subject wise analytics will be provided you to assess your performance. Subject-wise Analytics will help you to introspect your strengths and weaknesses in a particular subject. Based on that, you can work on your weaknesses and gain more confidence in subjects of your interest.


Detailed Schedule - ENGLISH, HINDI


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20 November 2022


Indian Constitution & Political System 

  • Political systems: concepts, forms and types 
  • Political system as established by the Constitution Indian Constitution: Historical Underpinnings, Evolution & Making of the Constitution, Features, Significant Provisions 
  • The Preamble 
  • The Union and its Territory ▪ Citizenship
  • Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles & Fundamental Duties 
  • Amendment of Constitution 
  • Judiciary: Supreme Court, High Courts, Subordinate Courts

Current Affairs: JUNE 2022

·         Class IX and X NCERT: Democratic Politics

·         11th NCERT: Indian Constitution at Work

·         Indian Polity by M Laxmikanth


30 November 2022


Working of Indian Constitution and System of the government

·         Central Government: President, Vice President, Prime minister, Central Council of Ministers

·         Parliament and State Legislature

·         State Government: Governor, Chief Minister, State Council of Ministers

·         Indian Federalism and Centre-State Relations

·         Emergency Provisions

·         Local Government: Panchayati Raj, Local Urban Government 

·         Structure, organization and functioning of the Executive; Ministries and Departments of the Government.

·         Constitutional & Non Constitutional Bodies

·         Elections and political parties: problems and processes

Current Affairs: JULY 2022

·         11th NCERT: Indian Constitution at Work

·         Indian Polity by M Laxmikanth


11 December 2022




Physical Geography of the world

·         Solar System & the Earth and basics of latitude and longitude

·         Geomorphology

·         Climatology

·         Oceanography

·         Soils

·         Natural Hazards and Disasters

·         Continents (Land, Climate, Resources etc.): Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia  

Physical Geography of India

·         Introduction: Location, Area and Boundaries

·         Structure and Relief: Physiographic Divisions

·         Drainage System

·         Weather, Climate and Seasons

·         Soils

·         Natural Vegetation, Plant and Animal Life

Current Affairs: August 2022

·         11th NCERT: Fundamental of Physical Geography

·         11th NCERT: Geography - India Physical Environment

·         Certificate physical and human geography - Goh Cheng Leong

·         Atlas


21 December 2022


Economic and Human Geography - World 

  • Economic Geography of the world: primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary and quinary activities
  • Human Geography of world
  • World Population, Distribution & Density, Races & Tribes, Settlement & Migration

Economic and Human Geography - India

  • Agriculture
  • Land Resources
  • Water Resources
  • Mineral and Energy Resources
  • Industries
  • Transport and Communication
  • Foreign Trade
  • Population, Migration, Settlements

Current Affairs: September 2022

·         12th NCERT: Geography - India People and Economy

·         12th NCERT: Fundamental of Human Geography

·         Certificate physical and human geography - Goh Cheng Leong

·         Atlas


31 December 2022

Ancient History+ Art & Culture

Ancient History

·         Prehistoric period

·         Harappan / Indus Valley Civilization

·         Vedic Age

·         Mahajanapadas

·         Religious Reforms

·         Mauryan Age & Post Mauryan Age

·         Sangam Age

·         Guptas Age & Post Guptas Age

Art & Culture

·         Architecture and Sculptures

·         Religion and Philosophy 

·         Indian paintings

·         Indian Music

·         Indian Dances

·         Indian Theatres

·         Indian cinema

·         Indian Language & Literature

·         Arts & Crafts

·         Science and Technology in Ancient India

·         Indo- Islamic Culture

Current Affairs: October 2022

·         Old NCERT: Ancient India

·         Class XI NCERT – Introduction to Fine Art (part 1)

·         Class XII New NCERT - Themes in Indian History Part -1 and Part 2

·         CCRT website: http://ccrtindia.


11 January 2022

Medieval History

Medieval India

·         Early Medieval Period

·         North India

·         South India

·         Sultanate Period

·         The Delhi Sultanate

·         Vijayanagar & other Kingdoms

·         Religious Movements

·         Bhakti Movement

·         Sufi Movement

·         Mughal Period

·         Maratha Confederacy

Current Affairs: November 2022

·         Old NCERT: Medieval India

·         Class XII New NCERT - Themes in Indian History Part -1 and Part 2


22 January 2022

Modern India

Modern India

·         India in the late Eighteenth Century

·         The Advent of the Europeans and British Conquest of India

·         The British Administrative Structure, Reform, Impact and Organization of Government of India

·         Social – Religious Movements in 19th – 20th centuries

Freedom Struggle

·         The Revolt of 1857 & change after 1857

·         Moderate Phase (1885 – 1905) Miscellaneous & Other Dimensions

·         Reforms / Acts / Committee, Congress Session, Governor –General Viceroys, Policies, Tribal & Peasant Movements etc.

·         Extremist Phase (1905 – 17)

·         Emergence of Extremist & Leaders

·         The Partition of Bengal

·         Morley-Minto Reforms

·         Swadeshi Movement, Home Rule Movement etc. Freedom Struggle: The

·         Gandhian Era (1917– 47)

·         Gandhi – Advent and Achievement

·         Rowlatt Act, Jallianawala Bagh Massacre and Khilafat Movement

·         Non- Cooperation, Civil Disobedience and Quit India Movement

·         British Response and Negotiations

·         INA and Subhash Chandra Bose

Current Affairs: December 2022

·         Old NCERT: Modern India by Bipin Chandra

·         New NCERT : Themes in Indian History – Part III

·         India’s struggle for Independence – Bipin Chandra


1 February 2022


Environmental laws and policies (Domestic and International)

·         Institutional and Organizational mechanisms

·         Environmental Acts and Policies, Convention, Treaties and Alliances, etc.

·         Environmental conventions

·         Mitigation Strategies

·         India & Climate Change


Environmental Monitoring and Impact Assessment

·         Environmental pollution

·         Pollutants

·         Air pollution

·         Water Pollution

·         Soil Pollution

·         Noise Pollution

·         Radioactive pollution

·         E-Waste

·         Solid Waste

·         Bioremediation


Environmental Concepts related to:

·         Climate Change

·         Acidification

·         Eutrophication

·         Ozone Depletion Energy Resources

·         Non-Renewable

·         Renewable: Solar, Wind, Hydel, Geothermal, Biomass, Others

·         Energy Conservation

Current Affairs: January 2022

·         Our Environment – NCERT (VII)

·         Ecology: Unit X – Class 12th Biology NCERT

·         Class 11th NCERT Chemistry: Ch 14: Environmental Chemistry


12 February 2022

Economy & Development

·         National Income Accounting

·         Definition

·         Concepts: GDP, GNP etc.

·         Measurement of national income

·         Money and Banking

·         Function of Money, Evolution of Money etc.

·         Banking: Need of Banks, Functions, Types, Banking Reforms, Central Bank and its role

·         Inflation and Employment

·         Definition, types etc. Government Budgeting and Fiscal Policy

·         Budgeting, types, its evolution in India, Process, Component etc.

·         Public finance,

·         Revenue and Expenditure,

·         Deficits,

·         Taxes, Debts etc.

·         Capital Market

·         Terms and Concepts

·         Agriculture

·         Industry

·         Services

·         Infrastructure and Communication

·         Five year Plans

·         Economic Reforms since 1991

·         Foreign Trade

·         India and IMF, WTO, WIPO

·         India and International Institutions

·         IPRs External Sector and Currency Exchange rates

·         BoP, BoT, International trade, IMF, WTO, Trade policies, issues and challenges etc.

Current Affairs: June + July + August 2022

·         11th NCERT: Economics: Indian Economic Development

·         12th NCERT: Economics: Macroeconomic s

·         12th NCERT Economics: Microeconomics

·         Economic Survey


22 February 2022

Physics+ Chemistry


·         Standards and units

·         Mechanics and properties of matter

·         Heat

·         Sound

·         Optics

·         Electricity and Magnetism

·         Atomic and Nuclear physics

·         Modern Physics

·         Astronomy and Space Science


·         Matters and its nature

·         Chemical Reactions and Equations

·         Structure of the Atom

·         Periodic classification of elements

·         Chemical Bonding

·         Carbon and its compound

·         Acid, Bases and Salts

·         Metals and Nonmetals

·         Thermodynamics

·         Nanotechnology

·         Agricultural Chemistry

·         Medicinal Chemistry

·         Food Chemistry

·         Bio Chemistry

·         Polymers and Plastics

Applied Science and Modern Day Technology / Latest Research

Current Affairs: September + October + November 2022

·         6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th NCERT: Science


5 March 2022



·         Introduction

·         Cell Biology

·         Life processes - Nutrition, Respiration, Muscle movement, skeletal system, circulatory system, excretion.

·         Biocommunication

·         Genetics - The science of heredity

·         Diseases and Defence Mechanisms

·         Origin and Evolution of life

·         Plant Biology - Plant Growth and Development

Applied Science and Modern Day Technology / Latest Research

Current Affairs: December + January 2022

·         Class 12th Biology NCERT (Read Chapters according to syllabus)


15 March 2022

UP Special + Budget + Govt. Schemes

·         UP special

·         Budget (Central)

·         Budget (UP)

Current Affairs: February 2022

·         India Budget

·         UP Budget

·         Schemes and initiatives of Union government and UP government


26 March 2022

General Studies Full Length Test-01

·         Current events of National and International importance: On Current Events of National and International Importance, candidates will be expected to have knowledge about them.

·         Indian History: Ancient, Medieval, Modern: In History emphasis should be on broad understanding of social, economic and political aspects of Indian History. In the Indian National Movement, the candidates are expected to have a synoptic view of the nature and character of the freedom movement, growth of nationalism and attainment of Independence

·         Indian and World Geography- Physical, Social, Economic geography of India and the World: In World Geography only a general understanding of the subject will be expected. Questions on the Geography of India will relate to the Physical, Social & Economic Geography of India.

·         Indian Governance and Polity: It covers details of Indian Polity, Economic and Culture, questions will test knowledge of country's political system including Panchayati Raj and Community Development, broad features of Economic policy in India and Indian CulturePolitical System, Constitution, Public Policy, Panchayati Raj, Rights issues, etc.

·         Social and Economic Development: Sustainable Development Poverty Inclusion, Demographics, Social Sector Initiatives, etc.General Issues on Environmental ecology, Bio-diversity, and Climate Change- that do not require subject specialization.

·         Environmental Ecology, Climate Change, and Biodiversity – general issues that do not require subject specialization: The questions will be in respect to problems and relationship between Population, Environment and Urbanisation. General Issues on Environmental ecology, Bio-diversity and Climate Change - that do not require subject specialization, General awareness of the subject is expected from candidates.


2 April 2022

General Studies Full Length Test-02



9 April 2022

General Studies Full Length Test-03



16 April 2022

General Studies Full Length Test-04



23 April 2022

General Studies Full Length Test-05



30 April 2022


·         Comprehension

·         Interpersonal skills (including communication skills)

·         Analytical Ability & Logical Reasoning

·         Problem Solving & Decision Making

·         General Mental Ability

·         Elementary Mathematics (class X level – Algebra, Statistics, Geometry and Arithmetic):

·         General English (class X level)

·         General Hindi (class X level)


7 May 2022

General Studies Full Length Test-06



14 May 2022


·         Comprehension

·         Interpersonal skills (including communication skills)

·         Analytical Ability & Logical Reasoning

·         Problem Solving & Decision Making

·         General Mental Ability

·         Elementary Mathematics (class X level – Algebra, Statistics, Geometry and Arithmetic):

·         General English (class X level)

·         General Hindi (class X level)